Sunday, 23 December 2012

Words on strike

There were friends and movies and accidental clothing coordination.

I played lots with my cat


I went to the swimming pool. This hadn't taken place for at least 4 years...

I saw the Hopper exhibition in Madrid. I reached the conclusion Hopper was a mixture of Buscemi and Tim Curry. Do you agree?

Had a wisdom tooth removed and there were lots of pills to take. Sometimes they had pretty colours.

I took one last picture of Nino. He was as good and beautiful as ever.

Found some weird relics at home...

I also met one of my favourite artists, illustrator Sara Morante:

 There were many walks around town. Gentrification brings cool art, too. Mixed feelings.


Tea offered some weird adivice... And what IF your lover is also a camel?

Autumn is almost unkown in this town so you have to take a picture when you see something like this:

Also, quintessencial cold season food: chicken peas and spinach. YUMMM!


There were books, as always. Here some cattiness by Luis Cernuda.

Bat for Lashes was a constant companion throughout the year. As an aside, I was terribly sick when I saw her. I regret nothing though.

There have been lots of short trips and glorious skies to behold. Here is a mixture of both.

Some students know how to be both a pain in the ass and unbearebly cute at the same time.

I saw the sea, the Mediterranean, after many years.

There was London. Always London.

 There were many demonstrations that so far have been fruitless...

 And meet the anarkitties!

So it seems I can't keep my mouth shut even when I say words are sometimes meaningless. Some pics I didn't include were about one of my 2012 obsessions: buildings of any kind. I think I might do a separate post about it.

One last thing. I'm going to London for the first week of January and I'll be spending New Year's Eve there as well. I hope this sets the note for the rest of the year.


  1. <3 Cernuda!
    Feliz año nuevo londinense... que suerte! (me toca curar XP)

    1. Que te sea leve y feliz año a ti también (por adelantado) :)

      Por cierto, llevo tiempo queriendo decirte lo mucho que me gusta tu blog paralelo, el de las fotos de tu viaje. Me das ideas...

      (Cernuda siempre es <3)

    2. Ideas son buenas!!! <3 muchas gracias!

  2. london is amazing. happy new year!